2022/23 Nitro Rallycross – Round 4 – Entry List

The 2022/23 Nitro Rallycross Series will see its second stop in the US on October 29-30 at Glen Helen Raceway at San Bernardino, CA. The Group E and NRX Next entry list for the event looks as follows:

Group E
4se Robin LarssonFC1-Xus Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC
13no Andreas BakkerudFC1-Xus Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC
16se Oliver ErikssonFC1-Xse Olsbergs/MSE
21us Conner MartellFC1-Xus Vermont SportsCar
22gb Jenson ButtonFC1-Xgb Xite Energy Racing
23se Kevin ErikssonFC1-Xse Olsbergs/MSE
35jm Fraser McConnellFC1-Xus Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
42gb Oliver BennettFC1-Xgb Xite Energy Racing
199us Travis PastranaFC1-Xus Vermont SportsCar
NRX Next
9us George MegennisNRX Nextse #YellowSquad
36se Casper JanssonNRX Nextse Olsbergs/MSE
44us Jimmy HendersonNRX Nextus Bak 40 Motorsport
55us Lane VacalaNRX Nextus Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
99us Eric GordonNRX Nextus Bak 40 Motorsport