2024 FIA Euro RX3 – Round 1 – Entry List

The opening round of the 2024 FIA European Rallycross Championship for RX3 cars is taking place on June 8-9 at Essay (Circuit des Duct) in France.

The list of entries for the event looks as follows:

2lt Rytis RutkauskasAudi A1pl Volland Racing
7hu Sámuel KovácsŠkoda Fabia Mk3hu Korda Racing KFT
9fr Dylan DufasRenault Cliofr Dylan Dufas
12fr Andrea BénézetRenault Cliofr Andrea Bénézet
26ag Nicolas GeleynsAudi A1pl Volland Racing
28at Josef StebingerŠkoda Fabia Mk3cz KRTZ Motorsport
30de Nils VollandAudi A1pl Volland Racing
37fr Jimmy TerpereauPeugeot 208fr Jimmy Terpereau
58at Dominik SenegacnikŠkoda Fabia Mk3cz KRTZ Motorsport
66fr Jérémy LambecAudi A1fr Jérémy Lambec
99pt João RibeiroAudi A1pt João Ribeiro
104pt André SousaAudi A1pt André Sousa
131hu Balász KőrmőcziVW Polo Mk5hu Szada Ring Racing KFT