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Post type: Media

Media, in the way we use it, contains images. WordPress creates a lot of different versions aka Renditions from each image. These are used for different devices and different designs.

Therefore the image should be saved as a high-quality JPEG file and it should not contain any other mark, like we did before on the old website.

Specification for a normal image

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1280 px
  • Format: JPEG
  • Quality: “Very high” or “Highest”
  • File name: Try to give it a meaningful name, that describes what is on the picture
    • Don’t use a name that describes the article you want to place the image in, like “News 19-03-17”!

Adding images to Media

  • Save one or more images in the above specified way
  • Goto WordPress Admin
  • Hover over “Media” and click “Ad New”
  • Either drag the images into the dotted rectangle or click the “Select Files” button and select the files in the upcoming dialog
  • Afterwards for each image
    • Click “Edit”
    • Set the focal point