2021 FIA RX2e – Round 3 – Entry List

The 2021 FIA RX2e Rallycross Championship is set to continue on September 4 and 5 at Lohéac (Circuit de Lohéac) in France.

The list of RX2e entries for the event looks as follows:

5es Pablo SuárezRX2ees Monlau Competición
11fr Dorian DeslandesRX2ese Olsbergs/MSE
13ie Patrick O’DonovanRX2eie Patrick O’Donovan
14se Nils AnderssonRX2ese Kristoffersson Motorsport
15lv Reinis NitišsRX2elv RN Kaspersky Racing Team
47fi Jesse KallioRX2ese Olsbergs/MSE
82se Isak SjökvistRX2ese Isak Sjökvist
96be Guillaume De RidderRX2ebe Guillaume De Ridder
113fr Cyril RaymondRX2efr Cyril Raymond
121us Conner MartellRX2ese Olsbergs/MSE