Results World RX 2020 – Round 3 – Tykkimäen Moottorirata

The final result of World RX Round 3 for Drivers
Pos.DriverCarQ1–Q3Semi FinalsFinalTotal
1se Johan KristofferssonVW Polo Mk51|1|1: P1(16)SF1: P1(6)P1(8)30
2fi Juha RytkönenHyundai i204|6|4: P4(13)SF2: P1(6)P2(5)24
3se Timmy HansenPeugeot 2083|4|5: P3(14)SF1: P2(5)P3(4)23
4fi Niclas GrönholmHyundai i205|5|7: P5(12)SF1: P3(4)P4(3)19
5de Timo ScheiderSEAT Ibiza Mk47|7|17: P10(7)SF2: P3(4)P5(2)13
6se Kevin HansenPeugeot 20810|8|3: P8(9)SF2: P2(5)P6(1)15
7se Mattias EkströmAudi S12|2|8: P2(15)SF2: P6(1)–––16
8se Robin LarssonAudi S19|10|2: P6(11)SF2: P5(2)–––13
9no Andreas BakkerudRenault Mégane Mk46|3|10: P7(10)SF1: P4(3)–––13
10ru Timur TimerzyanovHyundai i2012|11|6: P9(8)SF1: P5(2)–––10
11fi Jere KalliokoskiFord Fiesta Mk714|16|9: P12(5)SF2: P4(3)–––8
12se Anton MarklundRenault Mégane Mk411|9|16: P11(6)SF1: P6(1)–––7
13hu Támas KáraiAudi S117|12|11: P13(4)––––––4
14fr Guerlain ChicheritRenault Clio Mk416|13|12: P14(3)––––––3
15fi Jani PaasonenFord Fiesta Mk715|15|14: P15(2)––––––2
16de René MünnichSEAT Ibiza Mk4DNF|14|13: P16(1)––––––1
17nl Kevin AbbringRenault Clio Mk413|17|DNF: P17(0)––––––0
18fi Atro MäättäFord Fiesta Mk718|18|15: P18(0)––––––0
NCgb Liam DoranRenault Mégane Mk48|DNF|DNF: NC(0)––––––0

Stewards decision #1 Reprimand: #3 (Johan Kristoffersson) Use of non-registered tyres
Stewards decision #2 Breach of Supplementary Regulations Part 1 (car going to pre-grid was driven by mechanic instead of driver) #73 (Támas Kárai)

The final result of World RX Round 3 for Teams
Pos.TeamDriver 1Driver 2Total
1se Team Hansense Timmy Hansen (23)se Kevin Hansen (15)38
2fi GRX Tanecofi Niclas Grönholm (19)ru Timur Timerzyanov (10)29
3se KYB Team JCse Robin Larsson (13)se Mattias Ekström (16)29
4de ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsportde René Münnich (1)de Timo Scheider (13)14
5fr Monster Energy GCK RX Cartelno Andreas Bakkerud (13)gb Liam Doran (0)13
6fr Unkorruptedfr Guerlain Chicherit (3)nl Kevin Abbring (0)3


How to read our tables

Column Q1–Q3: 1|2|3: P1(16) means that the driver scored position 1 in Q1, position 2 in Q2 and position 3 in Q3 which results in overall position 1 and is awarded with 16 points for the qualifying part of the race weekend.

Column Semi Finals: SF1: P1(6) means that the driver scored position 1 in semi-final 1 and is awarded with 6 points for the semi-finals part of the race weekend.

Column Finals: P1(8) means that the driver scored position 1 in the final race of the race weekend and is awarded with 8 points.

Points available for qualifying (Q1–Q3)
Position1234567891011121314151617 and up
Points available for semi-finals
Points available for final