2021 FIA RX2e – Round 1 – Entry List

The 2021 FIA RX2e Rallycross Championship is set to go underway on July 23-24 in a Friday and Saturday evening format at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya at Montmeló in Spain.

The list of RX2e entries for the event looks as follows:

5es Pablo SuárezRX2ees Monlau Competición
12es Pepe ArquéRX2ees Escuderia Mollerussa
13ie Patrick O’DonovanRX2eie Patrick O’Donovan
21fr Damien MeunierRX2efr Damien Meunier
35jm Fraser McConnellRX2ejm Fraser McConnell
36se Oscar OrtfeldtRX2ese Oscar Ortfeldt
47fi Jesse KallioRX2efi Jesse Kallio
55es José Luis GarciaRX2ees G4 Motors SA
77gb Mark FlahertyRX2egb Mark Flaherty
88no Ole Henry SteinsholtRX2eno Ole Henry Steinsholt
96be Guillaume De RidderRX2ebe Guillaume De Ridder