What is what?

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What is what?

We want to use WordPress to operate rallycross.com. In order to do that, we need to share knowledge and define the way we use WordPress.

First of all, lets look at the WordPress options which we will use most. Do not care about all the other options for the moment.


Originally WordPress was used for BLOGs. The owner created little bits of text and posted them onto his BLOG. Therefore the individual news posted are called Posts.

The way we use WordPress, is that a Post is an Article in our news section.


In WordPress, the Media section is used to store Images or Videos. From here they are linked into Posts and Pages. WordPress creates several versions of each image (so called renditions). These are used for different designs and devices.

The exact specs for our images are discribed here.


This option allows to create and edit separate pages, such as Imprint and the pages for Standings.


Later on, we will use the events module to enter the Events for the different championships.


This module stores all tables we want to place in Posts or Pages. Examples are Time Tables, Entry Lists, Results or Standings.