Citroën all electric racecar joins Projekt E

Austrian company STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development) announced the launch today (August 4) of the Citroën C3 ERX, the world’s first R5-based electric racecar. The car has been developed by STARD with support from Citroën Racing.

Utilising the C3 R5 rolling chassis and equipped with STARD’s REVelution powertrain kit as used in the FIA World Rallycross Championship’s official electric support category, Projekt E, the C3 ERX ensures the pinnacle of customer motor sport chassis technology as it has been electrified by adopting the highest level in customer electric racecar concepts available on the market.

Citroën C3 added to Rallycross for the first time as an electric car.

We are delighted to announce the world’s first C3 R5-based all electric racecar. Supported by Citroën Racing, we are raising the benchmark in customer electric motor sport. The car is immediately ready to be raced in Projekt E.

Michael Sakowicz, STARD CEO and founder

The car has been adapted to incorporate the REVelution powertrain at STARD’s base near Vienna in Austria and uses three electric motors, producing 450kW (613bhp) combined power and 1002Nm of instantaneous torque with a top speed of 240km/h, using a four-wheel drive system and two-speed transmission fitted to both axles.

The heart of Projekt E.

The C3 ERX retains around 80% of the rolling chassis components from the C3 R5, and conforms with all Projekt E technical regulations. It is supported both technically and commercially by Citroën Racing. It is already available for purchase for a turn-key price of €374.000. C3 ERX customers will also be able to purchase spare parts directly from the world-renowned Citroën Racing Shop.

The C3 R5 has proved its potential on the Rally roads which has provided a solid basis for STARD to develop the C3 R5 ERX. We are delighted to support STARD on this ambitious project and will follow the project closely. Motor sport is at a turning point and we see more and more extremely competitive electric cars.

Didier Clément, Citroen Racing Head of Customer Racing Promotion Activities

Designed to be used for Rallycross, as well as for other disciplines like Hillclimb for example, the C3 ERX will make its competitive debut in the opening round of the 2020 Projekt E series at Höljes in Sweden on August 22-23.