Round 4 of the World Rallycross RX1e championship stopped

The stewards of Round 4 of the World Rallycross RX1e championship issued a statement at 8:35PM

In accordance with Art. 11.9.3.r of the International Sporting Code, the Stewards have taken the decision to permanently stop Round 4 of the World Rallycross RX1e championship for safety reasons.

At approximately 8:43am on Friday 21 July, 2023 one of the two cars of Special One Racing, an entrant in the FIA World Rallycross RX1e category, caught fire. The fire subsequently engulfed and destroyed both of the team’s cars and transporter in spite of the actions of the local fire service.

Video evidence shows that the fire was initiated at the battery of the car while it was in the team area charging, but it is not clear why this happened. It was evident that only extremely quick thinking by the team members saved them from injury.

Urgent investigations into the root cause of the incident were initiated by the FlA with the cooperation of the Kent Fire service, the Lydden Hill track staff and the championship promoter.

Technical assistance has been provided on site by the battery manufacturer, Kreisel. All teams in the championship have been kept informed of the progress.

At this time, it has been determined that the investigation has not progressed far enough to determine a root cause for the failure that led to the fire. Nor will the investigation be able to find the root cause in time for the event to proceed with the assurance of the appropriate level of safety for the spectators, team members and drivers. The FIA and the organizers have investigated various alternatives for the management of the event that might have permitted the Competition to proceed. However, as the root cause is unknown, it was determined that all alternatives would be based on speculation on the causes of the extremely dangerous fire. Further, the battery manufacturer, Kreisel, was unable to provide an appropriate level of assurance in the system, pending their investigations.

Therefore, following input from the FIA Safety Department and in cooperation with the promoters, in the interest of the safety of all concerned, the Stewards have determined to stop the Competition.

Other Competitions in the Event will proceed as planned.